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Global Health Center

The doctors of the clinic teach and lead an international medical course for medical students at Thai Nguyen Medical University. The course is related to global health and it is sponsored by Yonsei University College of Medicine in Korea.


The course is designed to equip the medical students with understanding and knowledge about the main global health issues, so they might be prepare to play an important role in the improvement of the health services in Vietnam.

Program photos:


Field mission-1

After the field mission was completed, each group had a time to do the presentation about the results of the field mission.


Each group consisted of Korean, Vietnamese and Mongolian students, and this field mission was held in 2015.


Field mission-2

A field mission was conducted in the countryside of Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam, and the supervisor and student group moved together to each of the three regions and visited local residents.

This photo was taken before starting the field mission.


Field mission-3

During the field mission process, with the help of Thai Nguyen Medical University, this is a picture of visiting a traditional Vietnamese ethnic house with permission from local officials and chatting with local residents.


Field mission-4

During the field mission, we visit local families to check health and hygiene issues, talk with residents, receive local fruits, and take commemorative photos.

(Korean, Vietnamese and Mongolian students and Director Pak)


Completion  ceremony

Global health leadership course 4th Vietnamese students complete all courses, receive certificates, and take commemorative photos.

(With Dr Kim-Vietnam coordinator, Dr Uyen-Thai Nguyen Medical School Advisor)

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