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Not only does the clinic care for each individual on a professional level, but we’re also interested in the health promotion of the entire community. Through education and counseling, we believe we can promote the health of those in the community by helping improve their lifestyle and health behaviors.

It is proven that a balanced/healthy diet and regular exercise play an important role in reducing metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. A healthy lifestyle includes the cessation of smoking and the reduction of alcohol intake and environmental pollutants where possible (i.e. air pollution). With a holistic viewpoint we understand that health also involves emotional, spiritual and social aspects, and we seek to improve these also.



Monday  ~  Friday

 8:30am – 5:30pm


 8:30am – 12:30pm

Lunch time                   

 12:30am – 1:30pm

*Closed: Public holiday of Vietnam

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles:
Stretching Exercises


Dr Han

It is always recommended to avoid physical inactivity; no matter how you exercise it is..

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Tofu Salad

Diet & Nutrition

Dr Han

A healthy diet is one of the pillars to maintain a good health status. 

Doctors encourage patients.. 

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Dr Kim

Smoking habit is a potential risk factor associated with respiratory, cardiovascular...

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Health Education:
Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Train

Diabetes Mellitus

Dr Kim

The term of Diabetes mellitus refers to a group of metabolic diseases in which the blood sugar level.. 

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Blood pressure reader


Dr Han

Hypertension (HTN) is a long-term disease with persistent high blood pressure in the arteries..

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Vasculature of the Heart

Coronary Artery Disease

Dr Kim

Coronary artery disease includes a group of diseases, including angina, heart attack and sudden..

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Consultation services with full laboratory tests, ultrasounds, endoscopies, biopsies and others

All kinds of vaccinations

Physical check-up services

Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, General Surgery, Dermatology, ENT, Orthopedics, Radiology,

Pain Medicine, Urology and Neurology


-Website: (English)

-Kakao talk ID: kims121
Kims clinic address:
3F, Tower A, Golden Palace
Me Tri, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
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Medical specialist appointment schedule for July 2024

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